A different perspective

Enlightenment is not a change into something better or more, but a simple recognition of who we truly already are.” Anonymous

When we look at the world today, we see an existence that is driven by consumerism, or work, or fame. Even though we made our lives comfortable and prosperous then before, we have developed a distaste to the idea of values as they have failed to bring us satisfaction and happiness and as a result, we are disconnected from our true nature and got drowned in meaninglessness and despair. The futility of many societal norms make you reject values and meaning in life altogether. We cannot cope with modern world by running away or by destroying them or by ignoring them. The only way of transcending them is by developing a more enlightened view, from where we can live according to our own inner laws and act out our own set of values.

Every day we are confronted with various choices and too many decisions packed into too little time — from which brand to pick, to nutritional choices, to what curriculum choice, what investments to opt for and to which career choice. This paradox of choice also fuels anxiety, depression and restlessness resulting in confusion, indecisiveness, and decision paralysis. Often with so many choices, we are frequently questioning what the right choice is and rarely feel satisfied, because there is always something better out there that we missed.  At some point, we lose ourselves and become caricatures of who we think we should be.

However, we cannot rid ourselves of this complexity by running away from them. We can only prevent ourselves from getting consumed by it. Taking some time to rediscover your inner self can help you in making choices which lead to your happiness and growth. When you are centered in yourself and your own values, you will be able to discover your own moral code or inner law that can help you distinguish between those things that dissipate your energies and those that add up to help you build the life you want.

Getting to know your true self empowers and opens up real choices. Developing an enlightened view lets you see your unconditional and unchangeable parts of your being and takes you in right direction to make the right choice. Inner law doesn’t refer to being guided by your feelings, desires or by doing whatever you feel like. To attain an enlightened vision, you must be willing to look at the world from a larger perspective instead of subjective point of view.

This way, you can respond to your life’s experiences without being affected by success or failure, winning or losing, or by approval or disapproval of others. Viewing things from an enlightened perspective is about making choices that add to your well-being, it’s about climbing only as far up on your career ladder as is creative and satisfying; it’s about choosing things that give you genuine enjoyment rather than being driven by external influences.

Bringing your conscious awareness to your present moment by taking few moments to catch yourself in the act of living can attune you to your true self.  Self-awareness can help you do what needs to be done in the moment. In other words, enlightened self comes from a perspective of “what needs to be done” and not from the selfish perspective of “I’ll do whatever I want.”

Enlightened point of view isn’t subjective, selfish, or individualistic. But It’s a clearer understanding of what needs to be done and what you are capable of in any given moment and that depends on your unlimited potential of your inner self. When you flow with the process of life without feeling triggered or reactive in any way, you can accept outer world as just an extension of your present moment. Develop an enlightened perspective to identify the essence of a thing, to give it value and to have a sense of awe of the world around you.


Schedule some time in a day to meditate in order to witness, view, and accept your fears, anxieties, strengths, and limitations of body and mind. Regular practice can help you create a space and time to monitor your mental-emotional state and to get to know yourself better. What are you doing? Are you at ease with your present moment? Are you enjoying the task you are engaged in? Just spend little time to attain an enlightened perspective to chart a successful journey.

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