Living with intention

Most of us get so caught up in our conditioned states of mind that sometimes we get out of tune with what we are really here for. We all possess a higher purpose, yet many of us go through life lacking an intentional approach in tapping into it. Intention is what leads us to take action and serves as an internal guiding system to bring our purpose to life. 

Intentions are powerful agreements that you make with yourself and then express through your actions, whether it’s in your relationships, at work or in your personal life. Since they can be both positive and negative in nature, they influence everything we do. Positive intentions fuel positive purpose and foster focus, motivation and determination that enable you to find your true potentiality. 

Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome.”

Brenna Yovanoff

Attention and intention 

Genuine intentions arise from your innate essential nature. According to law of intentionality, we experience the field of subjectivity as our own thoughts, feelings, desires, memories, instincts and beliefs. This same is experienced objectively as the physical body or the world we live in. Two things thus are inherent to our conscious self—attention and intention. Attention energises and intention lays the ground for transformation.

Whatever you put your attention to grows stronger and intention on the other hand, transforms our desires into something real. When we focus our attention on our desired outcomes or those things that we intend to accomplish, we are in a way creating space and time to bring about those things to manifest.

Manifesting the power of your intentions 

We all strive hard towards turning our goals into reality. But when intention is applied, you realise your potential in bringing them to fruition. In other words, we manifest what we intend to. Intention when in the field of pure potentiality, it turns your desires to reality. On the other, when power of intention is not applied, your dreams might just remain as mere wishes.

Intention though always is for a future goal or an objective, it is important to remember that they can be manifested only in our present moment awareness. To put it differently, as long as your attention is in the present, then your intentions for the future will manifest. 

Accepting your present moment as it is and having a positive intentions for future is what manifests your dreams into reality. Since the past is always a recollection of our memory, the future is anticipatory, our  attention in the present moment, which is pure awareness is what manifests your intentions  into reality.

Your intention is not something your ego must accomplish..

Intention is a force that we all have within us. However, ego becomes a major obstacle in manifestation of our intentions. The misidentification with egoistic or created self leads to feelings of self-importance.

Self-importance creates a sense of need or lack leaving you wanting things to full a void rather than arising from your authentic self. This results into over identifying yourself with your achievements, or outwardly appearances, and your possessions. Such identification with made up self impedes your connection to the power of your intentions. 

When egotistical self is at work, it convinces you that everything shouldn’t be the way it is, or that you aren’t good enough or leaves you offended by what someone said or did. It creates a kind of compulsiveness to accomplish, compete or compare. Such pursuits often leave you with a sense of separateness and lower your actual sense of worth.

When your self-concept of who and what you are dominates your life, you cannot maximise your potential to manifest your intentions. Since intentions come from your authentic self, connecting with your natural self requires you to let go of ego.

Letting go of your need to have more, or being superior, and letting go of identifying yourself with your achievements paves way to manifestation of your intentions. Such non-identification combined with discipline fosters your ability to focus on your present moment. This further facilitates harmonisation of your thoughts, intellect and your feelings with your intentions.

Our own attachment to things being certain way in order to bring our desires to fruition is what makes it difficult. If we cling to our intentions, very often we get fixated. Instead if you surrender them into the universal field of connectedness, you are in a way allowing it to manifest.

Cultivating awareness that your desires manifest from the field of consciousness and not from clinging to things be in a certain way is important. When you surrender and allow, you let things be as they are. This way, you are actually opening the doorway to connectedness of your true potential.

Free will & intentionality 

The fact is that we all have an unlimited amount of energy and free will to achieve what we want. We have the ability to train our minds to be mindful of the energy we want to create or dis-create in our lives. The moment you cultivate this awareness, you can recognise whether or not you are slipping into old patterns of your unhelpful beliefs or self-defeating habits. 

When things appear to be working against, you recognise that you are not in harmony with your helpful thoughts. However, you can always apply your free will to reconnect in a way that will bring you into alignment with your intentions. When you pay attention to your present moment, you can apply your free will to change your beliefs and cause things to manifest.

Intentions transform our energy and lay the foundation for the spontaneous expression of our desires. However, without action and putting in effort towards things you intend to, you become negatively attached to your intentions. At the same time, thinking negatively creates a stumbling block. Like for instance, if you doubt your abilities to create the life you want, then you are obstructing what you desire most in life. Similarly, if you focus more on what’s missing in your life, then that’s what expands.

Instead match your inner dialogue to what you want and intend to create. Assuming responsibility without any accompanied doubt and guilt, you will find yourself regaining the power of your intention. Make a shift when you find yourself focusing on what always has been, and frame your inner dialogue to align with your intentions. 

Choosing a higher purpose connects you to the power of your intention.

When you align your intentions with a greater purpose, it becomes easy to turn them into reality. A sense of purpose is what leads to self-actualisation. Purpose is just more than doing things for selfish reasons. Whatever it is that you choose to do, if you are motivated to be service to others while being detached from the outcome, you’ll feel purposeful. 

Setting intentions without a purpose on the other hand, you are going to drift without any direction through life. But when you align your intentions with a greater purpose, then you can apply your free will to turn them into reality. In fact, the very act of questioning what your purpose really is, it leads you to reconnect with your true intentions. Recognising that there is a meaning to your purpose, and that you have the capacity to live from a perspective of purpose is important to set positive intentions.


Practice knowing your inner self. Focusing on the demands of the ego leaves you feeling unfulfilled. When you focus on your inner beingness, you get in touch with what you really intend to be. Regardless of what anyone might say to you, be purposefully guided by your intentions. By aligning, you keep your thoughts, feelings and actions in harmony.

When you begin to pay attention to your intentions, you discover ideas, opinions and just about everything and you end up always judging things. Our judging is always either black and white or either this or that, good or bad. As a result, we get imprisoned by that. Cultivate non-judgmental awareness to put your intentions into the world of the manifestation. 

Detach from needing to have things work out a certain way. Accept things and trust that everything is as it should be. Have faith in your purpose by letting go of your expectations and judgment. This will allow space to create new opportunities in your present moment to ultimately achieve what you would want to. 

State your intention in a more positive and specific way in order to take every action with this intention in your mind. Your choice of intention is what will make it true for you. Therefore focus your attention on gratitude rather than from a place of lack or need.

Write down your intentions as affirmations to cancel our self-doubt and base them on your values rather than getting influenced by your negative self-talk. Intend to live with this awareness and do things from your beingness. 

To sum up, 

Setting intentions empower you to live your life with purpose instead of reacting impulsively to what is happening around you. Because an authentic intention cannot be forced, you cannot possibly set intentions that you don’t believe in. They also increase your motivation and save some of your misdirected energies, time and efforts. When your intentions come from your authentic self and are aligned with clarity and purpose, they help you realise your true potential.

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